UNICEF recorded the death of 76 Palestinian children by

UNICEF report on the humanitarian situation in Palestine/Israel for the first half of 2021 recorded that, given the action of the Israeli security forces during the “ascent in the Gaza Strip” that occurred in the period, 67 Palestinian children were killed and another 685 were left. wounds. In the West Bank, another 9 children were killed and 556 were injured. From the Israeli, two children were killed and 60 wounded by missile attacks by Palestinian groups.

In May of this year, a clash between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups followed repressed protests on the Esplanade of Mosques. The mobilization denounced the action that was taking place in the Supreme Court of Israel to expel Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, territory occupied by Israel.

At the time, the United Nations (UN) called for an “immediate” end to these forced evictions and stated that they could be a “war crime”. Hamas fired rockets as a reprisal for Israeli violence at the Temple Mount. Israel then bombed the Gaza Strip.

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A UN report published after the signing of a ceasefire on May 21 indicated that 256 Palestinians were killed and 128 of these victims were civilians. The same report indicates that, in Palestinian territory, more than 2,000 houses were destroyed or suffered severe damage, 58 educational centers were destroyed and 9 hospitals were also decimated. About 800,000 Palestinians were left without access to clean water as a result of Israeli military action.

The Palestinian NGO ADDAMEER (Arabic for “conscience”) claims there are 4,750 political prisoners and 200 Palestinian children held by Israeli forces. The NGO Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI) estimates that in 2020 there were 27 Palestinian children held in solitary confinement.

The DCI denounced that on July 29, Israeli security forces invaded the NGO’s West Bank headquarters, breaking down its door and confiscating six computers, two laptops, hard drives and information sheets of children detained and defended by the organization. No explanation or legal justification for the invasion was presented, the organization says.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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