Union will have to indemnify in R$ 200 thousand mother of

The mother of Carlos Roberto Zanirato, who was tortured and at the headquarters of the Department of Political and Social Order (Dops), in São Paulo, in 1969, must be compensated in R$ 200 thousand by the Union. The decision is made by the Regional Federal Court of 3rd Region (TRF3), in the capital of São Paulo.

In his decision, Judge Johnsom di Salvo said there was “abundant evidence of the cause of death” committed by agents of the military dictatorship. Zanirato was buried as a pauper and the cause of death would be suicide, according to a report by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) at the time.

According to the testimony of the mother, employees of the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) and other Dops inmates, Zanirato was savagely tortured and his body thrown in front of a bus, on Avenida Celso Garcia, east side, to simulate suicide. from Sao Paulo.

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“The moral damage suffered (by the mother) is more than evident and justifies the receipt of compensation for all the suffering and psychological distress experienced with her son’s imprisonment for political reasons at DOPS/SP, where he was abused to death and then discarded in a mass grave, without any identification, in an undignified and disrespectful way”, says di Salvo in his decision.

Zanirato was arrested on June 23, 1969, when he was 20 years old, after deserting the Army to join the Vanguarda Popular Revolucionaria (VPR), led by Carlos Lamarca. The militant died after six days of torture.

The suicide thesis was only overturned after investigations carried out by the Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances (CEMDP), which found that his death occurred as a result of torture.

According to a report by the Truth Commission, during the 20 years of the dictatorship in Brazil, 424 people died or disappeared.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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