With an ankle bracelet, Roberto Jefferson temporarily leaves the

Minister Alexandre de Moraes authorized Roberto Jefferson’s release from prison to undergo medical treatment in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), using electronic monitoring.

The rapporteur considered the information provided by the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration of Rio de Janeiro that indicate the insufficiency of the medical treatment received at the penitentiary hospital.

“Considering the defense’s allegations in relation to the health situation and verifying the need for medical treatment outside the prison, I see that it is possible to authorize the removal of the custodian, according to the opinion of the Attorney General’s Office,” said the minister.

::”Bolsonaro has no conditions” and “Moraes is a great jurist”: the turn of Jefferson’s speech::

In the decision taken in Petition 9844, it also establishes the prohibition of visits without prior judicial authorization, except for family members, and the use of social networks. Jefferson will also not be able to give interviews or maintain contact with others investigated in Inquiries 4874 and 4879.

As preventive detention was maintained, having certified the doctors as to his good health, Roberto Jefferson will have to return to the prison establishment.

See, below, the list of precautionary measures imposed by Alexandre de Moraes for the prisoner to leave the penitentiary establishment:

(1) Electronic monitoring, with inclusion area only at the Hospital Samaritano Barra address;

(2) Prohibition of receiving visits without prior judicial authorization, with the exception of their family members, subject to hospital rules;

(3) Prohibition of having any form of access or contact with those investigated in Inquiries 4.874/DF and 4.879/DF;

(4) Prohibition from attending or accessing, even through his press office, or any other person, the social networks identified as means of committing the crimes attributed to him (“YouTube”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” and ” Twitter”), or any others unnamed herein;

(5) Prohibition of granting any kind of interview without prior judicial authorization.

::Roberto Jefferson is denounced by the PGR to the STF for incitement to crime::

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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