With Maia and FHC, Doria launches a campaign on the street and elects Bolsonaro

In the last 24 hours, João Doria (PSDB), governor of São Paulo, has definitely put on the street his campaign to be the party’s representative in the 2022 electoral contest for the presidency of the Republic.

After the party’s event in São Paulo with the adhesion of the president of the party, Bruno Araújo, declaration of vote by former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the São Paulo representative also announced that federal deputy Rodrigo Maia, an important player in the next elections, will join the secretariat of your government.

In the west side of São Paulo (SP), last Wednesday night (18th), the PSDB from São Paulo organized a large event that, formally, would serve to announce the affiliation of 16-year-old Tomás Covas, son of the former Mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, who died on May 16 this year.

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However, the meeting, which had the participation of the tucana militancy, became a campaign act by João Doria, who received important support from the legend.

When he took the stage, Doria was flanked by Covas and Araújo. It was the head of the legend who first signaled that Jair Bolsonaro (no party) should be the target chosen by the toucans to polarize in 2022.

“Brazil is facing a moment of misery and inflation”, he cried. In his speech, the governor of São Paulo also remembered the president of the Republic. “Here is vaccine land, not chloroquine land. Long live São Paulo, long live Brazil.”

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Banners and plaques with Doria’s face carried the expression “The father of the vaccine”, which must be a motto that the toucan will carry to 2022 as a trump card and to antagonize Jair Bolsonaro. For the political scientist Cláudio Couto, Doria has been a candidate for the presidency of the Republic “since he sat in the chair of mayor in São Paulo” and the governor “shows strength within the party with the latest events.”

Regarding the choice to attack the President of the Republic, Couto states that it is “a natural process”.

“Any candidate who wants to be viable next year, within the so-called third way, will have to be a candidate who takes the place of Bolsonaro and who manages to attract the voter who is with Bolsonaro to his candidacy. He won’t remove Lula’s voters. The biggest chance this third way will have is from the Bolsonaro space.”

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Before the event, during a meeting at the Museum of the Portuguese Language, in the central region of São Paulo, Fernando Henrique Cardoso announced that he will support Doria in the party’s caucuses and that the São Paulo businessman represents “the future of Brazil”. “He is a candidate and he has my vote”, concluded the former president.

Eduardo Leite, governor of Rio Grande do Sul and a likely competitor of Doria in the tucanas, reacted immediately to FHC’s support. “He’s very good, but he’s not infallible and he’s entitled to choose his candidate and make mistakes as many times as he wants.”

In addition to Leite, Doria must face senator Tasso Jeressati, from Ceará, and the former mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgílio, in the tucanas, which will take place in November this year.

alliance out of the nest

Looking ahead to 2022, Doria announced, this Thursday morning (19), the creation of the Secretariat of Projects and Strategic Actions of the Government of São Paulo, which will be headed by Rodrigo Maia, former president of the Chamber of Deputies and one of the most popular politicians. influential people in Brasilia.

Maia, who left the DEM for the PSD after differences with the party’s pocketnarista wing, was even considered as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 2022. Doria’s idea is to keep the federal deputy close until the election and strengthen an alliance with the PSD

However, for the agreement to be possible, it will be necessary to convince Gilberto Kassab, president of the PSD, who has been working to strengthen the party for the 2022 elections. PSDB, should join the party to run for the government of São Paulo in the next elections.

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In addition to Geraldo Alckmin, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, now at the DEM, sent his affiliation to the PSD, with a view to 2022. Kassab intends to work on the senator’s name as a possible candidate for the presidency of the Republic.

For Couto, Maia hasn’t bought Doria’s idea yet and the game is still open. “The two movements can happen simultaneously. Alckmin is leaving the party. The PSD is a party that enters every government. So, he can participate in that government (of Doria) and then jump out and embark on a PSD candidacy. This is fully possible.”

Edition: Leandro Melito

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